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 I wanted to reach out to you and thank you both for helping me create and produce my infant, toddler and preschool feeding videos. You both helped me take what was a wild and crazy idea in my head and help me to bring it to life. I had no idea the amount of work and expertise into making professional videos. You were there from the beginning to help plan where to shoot the videos, finding the  professional staff to shot the videos and story produce and edit them to perfection. They turned out more amazing then I could have imagined. I can’t wait to collaborate with you again as I build my library of feeding videos as the years go on. Thank you again!

~Dana Snook - Feeding Specialist



“If you are looking to work with a team filled with ‘heart’, who produces high quality heart-centered films, then Heart Headed Entertainment is the company for you! When I began to work with Nina, Carrie and their extraordinary team of professionals, who have worked behind the scenes of ABC, Discovery, NBC, Bravo and more, I was afraid to be in front of the camera. After a brief period of time, my fear melted away. I am so grateful for the ability to work with such an incredible team of people and for the wonderful short films they created illustrating my recovery from the Boston Marathon Bombings.”

~Jennifer Kauffman - Boston Marathon Survivor, Inspirational Speaker & Award-Winning Best-Selling Author



At first, I felt creating a video would be daunting.  I was so pleasantly surprised, that Nina, at Heart Headed Entertainment, made it as painless as possible.  She took the time to learn about me, my services and understood my intention for what I hoped the viewer would receive, and then formulated basic questions that would appeal to the viewer.  While being filmed, she had me focus on her as if it were just the two of us, which made the entire experience effortless for me.
Nina was extremely patient and professional which made me at ease to present myself in an authentic way.  I felt she really cared about what I do, and therefore asked the right questions.  I loved that it all went off filled with ease and grace.  She did all the work.  I just showed up as the practitioner, and was able to show the world what I do.
Thank you Heart Headed Entertainment. Much appreciated!
Thank you Nina and Carrie

~Terry Plante, LAc, RPh



It was a pleasure working with Heart Headed Entertainment. Nina, Carrie and their crew are a very professional and experienced Production Company who delivered a terrific final product. They were organized, asked important questions at every step of the process, kept all of their commitments, and turned around work quickly.

The video they produced is something we are proud to share with prospective customers, sponsors and the numerous visitors to our website and social media pages. It places us head-and-shoulders above our competition and shows our state-of-the-art facility in the best possible light. We have Heart Headed Entertainment to thank for that.

~Rhonda Williams - Director of Marketing

Ladera Sports Center