Heart Headed Entertainment is a Los Angeles and Boston based production company specializing in inspirational, educational, and entertaining programming.  The productions and projects our company creates connect with our viewers' hearts and souls bringing deeper meaning into their lives.  The goal and mission of all the programming we produce is to increase the vibrational level, raise awareness, and inform audiences about a vast array of topics that haven’t yet hit the mainstream media.  So if you want to work with warm, loving and hard working storytellers who believe it all starts with the heart than look no further.



Have you sold your show and need a production company with years of experience to help you make your show a huge success?


 Do you need informative and professional videos to promote your business and express to your customers everything you can do for them?

Web Videos

Do you want to create flashy, fun, informative videos that will grab everyone’s attention, attract more business, meet new people or get your story out on the web?


Do you have THE next "Big Idea" for a new show or digital content but don’t know where to start with getting a sizzle together for your pitch?


Do you have an idea or have you sold a show, web series or other video project and you’re asking “now what”? Do you want the secrets to selling your idea?


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