We Manage Your Project from Conception to Completion!


We connect with you to talk about what you want to achieve with your video production project, and discuss the ways we can build upon your initial ideas.  We set goals, talk target audience, and all the information that you would like the video to convey. This collaboration process ensures that all client needs and goals will be met prior to filming and production.


Pre-production is arguably the most critical step in the video production process, where we prepare everything necessary for a successful shoot.   We will work closely with the client to figure out what high quality HD camera so shoot on, set locations, make efficient schedules, highly experienced crews, and any other needs.


Once we have locked in everything necessary to shoot, then the fun begins!  We can handle all of the on-set tasks to make your project a success, including directing, producing, cinematography, lighting and sound recording.In addition, we can provide more specialized services such as art direction, production design, special effects consulting and any special camera operation.  The content filmed may include interviews, scenic shots, and other necessary elements to help tell the story.


Once shooting is completed, we will handle taking your project all the way through editing, to completion.  We will hire editors that have years of experience and will tailor the hire to your specific needs.  We can also offer extra services like, graphics, color correction, etc.  During the editing process all of the creative decisions come together and shape how the story will flow.  We can use graphics, typography, photos, b-roll to brand your content to your specific needs.

Marketing & Distribution

We offer online delivery to social networks and content platforms, including YouTube, and can help build an inbound marketing campaign to help spread the word about your project. When production and editing is complete we will encode, master, author, and duplicate the video for delivery on DVD or online depending on the needs of each client.